For many years Louis Haagman has taken care of the photography of De Luthiers, which is a reason for us to put him in our ‘light’.
In 2002 Louis started photographing Wout’s guitars and after that more and more our company for the various websites:, and Louis has an eye for detail!

On his site he writes: “As a photographer I speak the language of images. With my photography I capture your unique visual story. What makes you, your company or your product special? How do you want people to see your product? How do you want The grammar of images is shape, light and color. With my craftsmanship, creativity and sharp view on people, products and situations, I illuminate surprising sides and reveal what you might not have seen before.

” Even as a violin maker you are never finished learning! Louis taught Lucienne to photograph instruments for the “web shop window”. A photo corner has now been created on our first floor with lamps, background, hanging system and camera. He will soon also be showing a corporate film of the B&B and the workshop.